Apartment sale

All information about the sale of shares can be found here and the important information is described below.

The maximum value of the cooperative housing is regulated between two ordinary general meetings. Current maximum value (since 16 March 2022) is calculated as: 11.5417 * dwelling size in m2. For example if your living area is 54 m2, then your home has a value of DKK 623,252

When selling a cooperative home, the seller must:

  • Find a buyer. If you cannot find one, you can ask the board for help (). The board has a list of potential buyers.
  • Order a transfer agreement at DEAS. When the transfer agreement is complete, DEAS sends a link via e-mail where the buyer, seller and the board must sign online with NemID.

Seller and buyer must pay for the costs in connection with the sale of the share.